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There is no denying the fact that America is a great A, with lots of history, some beautiful and excellent features as well as others. Several events and occurrences have formed America to be what it is today, and one of such events are the historic buildings and cultural heritage it possesses. Speaking of culture, we will be sharing about the beautiful and rich culture of districts.

Each state has its unique story to tell, but today we are going to narrow the story to Florida, and not just anywhere in Florida but West Palm Beach. We all know how beautiful the West Palm Beach can be and the richness it shares in culture, and priceless works of architecture. West Palm Beach is known to have a good number of districts, 17 precisely but out of these 17 we will be taking a look at just one, and that is the Grandview Heights West Palm Beach.


Grandview Heights is indeed a charm of a district to behold. It is graced with a lot of excellent architecture designed like works of art. The predominant building style was the Colonial Revival and Bungalow homes. It has a beautiful beginning, and up to this very moment, it is one of the oldest districts that still have its essence in place. The very touch it began with can still be felt, the designs, the beauty, and the expression of classic events as well as a memorial of the founding residents. It was built between 1910 and 1925 by the early residents who were majorly ministers, craftsmen, business owners and shopkeepers, this set of residents were the influence of the bungalow design pattern of the houses and they also loved to have fun, hence the building of luxurious hotels. At the time it was built, it was meant to be an extension of the Palm Beach Heights, and it fulfils that purpose till date.


In the 1980s things got a little bit rusty for Grandview Heights as it experienced a decline as most of West Palm got demolished and some parts of Grandview Heights for the innovative idea of the uptown and downtown urban restructuring project. The project turned out successful, and the district was made into a revitalized neighborhood. The aftermath of the project had Grandview Heights contain new structures like a blend of modern homes, apartments, single homes and a peaceful walkable community. There are currently 268 building in Grandview Heights West Palm Beach. Significant places in this neighborhood also include two of the historic churches, local businesses, and many breakfasts and beds.


July 8, 1999, was a special moment and a date to remember as Grandview Heights was declared as a U.S. Historic district. Present day Grandview Heights is bounded on four sides by Lake Avenue, Park Place, M Street and Alabama Avenue. Grandview Heights is indeed a work of art and a place where you can have all the experience of times past fused with a modern touch.

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