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Homes and History of Flamingo Park


Welcome to Flamingo Park - a historic district of classic houses, palm-lined streets, and neighborhood pride, located a few blocks from the ocean in West Palm Beach.


Flamingo Park received its designation as a historic district in 2000, for good reason. A majority of the buildings in the 95-acre neighborhood were built between 1921 and 1949, and feature quintessential architectural styles of the period. Active local interest and engagement in the neighborhood serve to keep the original, classic vibe of the neighborhood intact.


Homes for sale in Flamingo Park, West Palm Beach date from the early 1920s, and the so-called Florida Land Boom of the era. Railway development, land reclamation from the Everglades, and wealthy would-be vacationers cut off by WWI from their properties in Europe led to a housing bubble in Florida. Among the areas to be developed was Flamingo Park. Appearing on the front pages of Florida newspapers as ‘the most attractive place to live year round,’ Flamingo Park was one area caught up in the 20s bubble. Initially, things didn’t move as quickly as primary investor, the businessman M.E. Gruber, might have hoped - but by the mid half of the 1920s, waves of construction took place, continuing in spurts until WWII. By 1946, renewal efforts had begun taking place on houses constructed in the earliest days.


House architecture


The prevailing style in Flamingo Park is Mission Revival - homes featuring archways and portals, earthy stucco, and sun-baked clay tile roofs are to be seen throughout the area. The style has a classic Latin feel that matches the atmosphere of Florida perfectly. Also to be seen are a number of homes built in Mediterranean Revival. More angular than Mission Revival, these homes feature a similar color palette and use of materials - creamy white stucco and beachside tans that fit the climate and flora perfectly - alongside high ceilings, spacious rooms, and tall windows apt for creating warm, sun-lit spaces.


Forming a wonderful complement are two other architectural influences - vernacular, local styles, and early 19th century suburban car culture. The former accounts for charming bungalows and guest houses that dot the neighborhood, and the latter for long driveways lining green lawns and charming front yards. Sidewalks line the streets, and pedestrians walk under the shade of palm trees and oaks.




A delightful legacy of Flamingo Park’s history is its originality - to be found in the unique detail and flair contained in the construction of each individual home, in the oaks and palms that have lined the streets for decades, and in the local pride and community feel that residents infuse their neighborhood with. In short: Flamingo Park is a one-of-a-kind, original neighborhood.


It’s to be expected, then, that the area received a designation as a historical district. Neighborhoods dating from this era are special and unique, and to live in them is a chance to be inspired by,

contribute to this authentic originality. Visitors and residents who slow down and drink in the unique elements of each property will find themselves delighted by the originality that defines Flamingo Park’s architecture and atmosphere.


The homes


A colonial Spanish influence is to be felt in the construction Flamingo Park’s homes, and lends the area a familiar, welcoming atmosphere of meals al fresco and laughter with friends that come along with the spacious rooms, corridors, and patios of the architectural style. They haven’t been left to age, however- the houses have seen consistent renewal and upkeep, and nowadays feature modern amenities such as jacuzzis and air conditioning. Seamless construction comes alongside stylish modern fittings and the classic layout of each property.


Further amenities aren’t far away - the homes of Florida Park are within walking distance of parks, intracoastal waterways, downtown CityPlace, markets, and a number of restaurants. Residents will find a variety of services, natural beauty, and entertainment options easily accessible from their homes. Explore homes in Flamingo Park to discover the different options to be found in this special neighborhood.

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