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There is undoubtedly no civilization without a history and no great city without a story to it. For some, the beginnings were rough, for others it was indifferent, and for some others, it was quite blissful. Given a rather intriguing history, we are going to be taking a quick ride into times past to discover what the history of the beautiful district called the El Cid District had.

From the beginning

The story of how El Cid can be traced back to the settlement of some individuals in the land who formed homesteads and expanded the community until it became populous. The first to settle was Benjamin Lainhart who was the first permanent resident of western shore in 1875, now known as the El Cid neighborhood just beside the current Barcelona. In settling down, he had help from his cousin, William Lainhart. At that time, it was in no way connected to Florida. In 1876, Benjamin built homesteads that occupied the entirety of north Belvedere road. As time advanced, he started a large scale pineapple production which later crashed due to fierce rivalry from Cuba and diseases. After this time, a railroad was constructed which made transportation more comfortable, and that was the beginning of the joining of the El Cid district to the rest of Florida, as many people started settling. From 1923 through 1926, many independent builders started making houses that were in the Spanish and Mission-style homes and sold them to those who were willing to buy them. This caused a lot of politicians, and social leaders take an interest in the place, and further development was built, but after the collapse of Florida’s bank and depression, the construction of houses stopped, and there was no point building again. After the Second World War hit, the area becomes less famous and appreciated, but with time it took the form back. The total number of buildings that were developed there was 281.

Fast Forward to Recently


On August 31st, 1995, the beautiful district of El Cid was designated under the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. It is located in the West Palm Beach County, Florida with a tiny population of 525 people and exactly 821 buildings. There are minimal units of families there, and the community is predominantly Caucasian with more than 85% while the rest is just a mix of other races.

Currently, it is known to have the El Cid West Palm Beach Real Estate. The history, designation, and beauty of this district make it perfect for the real estate business. The types of homes you should expect to see here are not the modern-day ones, but the historical architecture retouched to fit your modern day lifestyle and influenced by Spanish and Italian designs. You can also find Mission-style and Mediterranean revival home designs in the El Cid West Palm Beach Real Estate making it an excellent place for anyone to connect with the past.

Conclusively, not only does the El Cid District hold a very wonderful history, but it is also a beauty to behold regarding the structures and neighborhood. You will never regret being a part of the El Cid West Palm Beach Real Estate.



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